Riverside City Council Election: Low Voter Turnout Expected Again!

In the traditionally low voter turnout performance of local elections, this year’s city council election turnout is expected to be no exception.  In ward 2, the last two council elections had embarrassingly low voter turnout.  2009 ward 2 had 20% turnout and 2013 turnout was even worse at 16%!

Low turnout again; Riverside Ward 2 election.Low voter turnout favors the good old boys (incumbents) that are running the city.   When less than 3000 people elect a councilman that is hardly representative democracy.

Recently Los Angeles changed the election scheduling in order to increase voter turnout.  The City of Angels had turnouts nearly as low as Riverside Ward 2.  Those low turnouts favor the status quo, developers, and monied voters.  None of those special interest groups has historically acted in the best interests of ward 2 residents.

There is an opportunity to have a real effect and make a change in the direction of the city.  Kevin Dawson, a local activist and Riverside advocate, is running for ward 2 councilman.  Dump the good old boys that have been running the city, and elect new blood for ward 2 councilman.


Vote for Kevin Dawson.
Time for a change!

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