Solution to Sign Litter: Ugly Yellow Signs

City council candidate for Riverside ward 2, Kevin Dawson, has an easy solution for an ever present nuisance around Riverside and may other places.  Ugly yellow signs.

The Ugly Yellow Sign. They are everywhere!

It might seem like a low priority issue, the posting of these ugly yellow signs is illegal, litters our neighborhoods, and is often a attempt to prey on community members who are having financial or personal difficulties.  Riverside Code Enforcement has to remove these illegal signs and they seem to be overwhelmed as often signs stay posted for weeks or months.
Kevin found a simple solution that would be more effective, reduce the workload of city enforcement staff,  and only cost about $300.

You would think our city would be excited to find an effective, low cost way to reduce litter and cut staff workload.  Kevin has taken this simple idea to the city council a few times and has never heard back.

The idea comes from a news story from Hollywood Florida, where they bought a $300 computer program that will call the number posted on the illegal sign, 20 times a day with a recorded message.  The message tells the sign owner, that in order to stop the phone calls, they need to come into the police station and pay a $75 fine. The Mayor of Hollywood Florida reports that since the implementation of the program, ugly yellow sign postings have dropped 90%.

Give it a try in Riverside! Inventive solutions to common problems.

Kevin Dawson for Ward 2 councilman.

Time for a change!


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