Jams on Residential Streets: Waze is routing commuters!

Waze is routing commuters through our residential neighborhoods!  Traffic on Watkins Dr. has long been a problem.  How do people know to use Watkins? Even more curious is how they know about the side street connections to Mt. Vernon to by pass the Watkins traffic. These little streets used to be the provence of local knowledge only.  Now cut through traffic is a wide spread issue effecting streets all over Ward 2.  Nice residential streets like Ransom, Le Conte, Country Club, and Navajo get overrun twice a day with cut-through commuter traffic.

Some of this traffic is the result of Smart Phone traffic apps like Waze. One afternoon, Kevin Dawson walked up Watkins, along the line of cars, asking drivers who had their windows rolled down if they were using a phone app; half said yes.

Our community needs to address it soon, before a city traffic engineer decrees Watkins, Le Conte, Ransom, Country Club or Navajo be reconfigured to accommodate more traffic. Kevin Dawson is willing to tackle the task.

Streetscape from the 2008 University Neighborhood PlanThere are ways to discourage and calm traffic but we need a councilman willing to work the problem. Kevin Dawson would be a councilman that is ready to explore creative solutions this and other neighborhood issues.

Vote for Kevin Dawson for city council.

Time for a Change!

1 thought on “Jams on Residential Streets: Waze is routing commuters!”

  1. Mr. Dawson,
    I often endure the congestion on Watkins, and sometimes try and bypass on Mount Vernon – I live pretty much between the two – off Spruce. I don’t think there’s really any way to “discourage and calm” traffic at this point that wouldn’t also be an inconvenience to local traffic, as well. I’d never heard of Waze, but the genie is out of that bottle anyway.
    It doesn’t take a traffic engineer to see that signals on Watkins would smooth the flow , create less pollution and noise with all the constant braking and accelerating. (One of the reasons we chose to buy on a cul-de-sac…)
    Yes, it’s a drag that a lot of people lately that don’t live here are choosing it as a short-cut instead of staying on the freeway, but I don’t see how to limit that other than having less congestion on the freeway which doesn’t seem likely either.

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